Everything you need to know about our beds that we have here at One Hot Tan!

The new Ergoline Sundash 32 combines the best of both worlds: the proven performance and durability of the American icon Sundash, with the leading UV technology and design expertise of Ergoline. This tanning bed is equipped with 18(120W) Genesis lamps in the canopy and 14(120W) Genesis lamps in the base. 1 body ventilation system plus an additional face ventilation with 2 adjustable outlets. Maximum exposure time is 15 minutes.

****SUPER BED (LEVEL 2)****

The Ergoline Ambition 250’s comfort as well as its tanning results benefit from the Body Curve extended tanning surface. With its combination of Super Power UV lamps and high-pressure facials this bed is engineered with perfect results in mind. It is also equipped with a large, yet quiet, rotary foot fan to keep clients cool during their session. The Ergoline Ambition 250 has 32 VHP Genesis Super Power 120-watt UV Lamps and 3 VIT Max 400-watt high-pressure Facial Tanners. Maximum exposure time is 15 minutes.

****MEGA BED (LEVEL 3)****
Our Ergoline 600 has raised the standard for all ultra class systems. This beds 50, full-length UV tanning lamps encapsulate the body in high power UV tanning energy. The on-demand VIT 2.3 High Pressure Tanning system dramatically enhances melanin production and maximizes the oxidation process in the upper body and facial region. A 5-lamp UVA shoulder tanning system provides the finishing touches on what thousands of tanning enthusiasts describe as the ultimate total-body tanning experience. The maximum exposure time is 12 minutes.

Our Sundash 252 Radius stand-up bed delivers a beautifully even, full-body tan in a 12-minute exposure schedule for tanners who are on the go. Our unit is equipped with over 6.5 feet of tanning power, a trans flow ceiling fan to maintain an optimum tanning temperature for maximum comfort and two full-length, floor to ceiling support columns. It contains 52(200W) Genesis lamps.

****TURBO BED (LEVEL 4)****
Our Ergoline 650 combines the astonishing tanning performance and comfort features to create the most powerful tanning experience. 12 high-pressure lamps in the canopy and the side, plus 26 Turbo powered UV lamps in the base gives a long-lasting tan. The shoulder tanners provide an even, all-over tan for the top of the shoulders. The climate control system gives you a cool and relaxing tanning experience. This bed has a 15 minute maximum exposure time.